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Andrea Basile is one of the best-known landscape photographers, and is based in München. His style is instantly recognisable - simple, uncluttered compositions and an overall sense of peace and stillness borne out of his deep love of the Planet.

His images have been used in countless books, calendars, magazines, brochures, catalogues, greeting cards, posters, wesite, postcards, national newspapers,  and much more.
Andrea is represented by Dreamstime

All photos in the archive are printed on a new tecnology of canvas in the actual format of 30x90 cm to 65x90 cm with a small white border to allow the printing on wooden frame. The cost of these prints, canvas only, starts from € 180.00 plus any postage costs quantified at the time of the request and delivery of transactions already 'mounted on a wood frame. Circulation 1 piece for each photo, a guarantee of lasting 100 years.
The same images can be printed, if requested, in different sizes from a minimum format of 30x90 cm, more white board to a maximum of about 50x150 cm including white border.


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